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December 26, 2007

Super easy winter craft: Paper snowflakes

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You need: Circular-shaped papers, a pair of scissors

This craft is suitable for 3/4 year old kids that has learnt how to cut with scissors. Russell loved to use his scissors every opportunity he can. So he really enjoyed doing this craft. All he needs to do is to fold the papers into 4 to 6 parts, then start cutting away the edges which ever way he wants. Since I did not ask him to follow a fix template, each time he opens up the paper cut-out, the pattern is different and a surprise to him. Just like the real snowflakes, each of his paper snowflakes is unique, cool isn’t it?


January 31, 2007

Learning to spell…

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…names of our family members. Now that Russell has mastered recognition of the alphabets, the next thing to do is to teach him phonics and spelling. He is not interested in route-learning and getting him to say something over and over again just bores him. Since he loves craft, I thought the easiest way to engage his interest would be getting him to do a craft that makes him learn to spell. I bought a tub of foam letters and we made door signs for himself, his sister and some of his good friends. It is pretty effective so far.

Snowman craft

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Got this craft idea from crazymommy’s blog. We did this today for Russell’s show and tell.

It is fun and easy to make.

November 18, 2006

Thanksgiving crafts

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We did this Turkey wreath a few days ago. The skills required are within his ability, but it takes a lot of patience to painstakingly paste this many paper rings. Nonetheless, we finished it together and Russell was extremely proud of it when I put it on our door.

Russell made this pinecone turkey in school. I really like it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

September 22, 2006

Fall craft

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Thanks to crazymommy who shared this craft which I did with Russell today. We do not have beautiful fall colors here so I had to buy plastic leaves instead (from Target for only $1).  Russell is really proud of the finished product and through it I was able to explain to him about fall season.  

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